About Us

Luxurious Jewelry Designed By Bohemian Princesses For Bohemian Princesses

Blava Jewellery is more than just a jewellery company; It's a collective group of women artisans who appreciate the touch of elegance mother nature has gifted us through the production of sophisticated gemstones. We idealise authenticity so when you choose your favorite design you can be sure you're receiving the most purest form of the gemstone. 


We're professional with each and every unique design we produce. Beginning with a creative and vibrant idea and transitioning into a lively handcrafted design. You can be confident you're in great hands, with Blava Jewellery being noted as Australia's leading gemstone jewellery retailer. With every customer of ours, a community of alike minded people passionate towards handcrafted jewellery is built and expanded. We certainly can't wait for you to join the trend of such a unique brand campaign.